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Most people get Very Little from their workouts...What about you???

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Stop spinning your wheels!

Do you know how effective your workouts are? Most people don't take advantage of up to 90% of their workouts! In order to workout effectively, you need to know the way YOUR body works.


There are 2 major misconceptions when it comes to working out. Most people believe these misconceptions, including myself AT ONE TIME, and they have to do with both burning fat and building muscle. Now for the women reading this, muscle burns fat, everyone benefits from lean muscle, this doesn't mean you are going to "look bigger." You don't have the hormonal make-up for's hard enough for us guys to build don't let this scare you!

First, let's discuss fat burning....if I had a nickel for every time I heard "doing cardio burns fat," I'd go to Vegas and sit at the Nickel slots until I won the jackpot...Cause I'd surely have enough nickels to hit it big! When doing cardio, your body WON'T BURN ANY FAT UNTIL you burn through your storage of Glycogen (your stored energy) first. So the goal is to do cardio on an "empty glycogen tank." There are ways to "tweak" the way you do things before, during & after a workout to achieve this! Then your 40-minutes of Cardio is 40 minutes of fat burning NOT 8-10 minutes of fat burning.

Second is building muscle. The misconception here is that you build muscle in the gym....Not Quite. You build muscle outside the gym, after your workout, because technically, you break it down at the gym. Most people unknowingly rebuild that muscle back the way it was...nothing gained....except inflammation and soreness! PERIOD.

There are ways to make every minute of your work out count though.....

As we all know by now, each of our bodies work slightly different. Knowing how your body processes energy (your metabolism) & where your body composition is right now (body fat & Lean skeletal muscle %) is the key to figuring out how to take advantage of your workouts.

There are many body composition machines available. Most are expensive for the public to use and 9 out of 10 of them are inaccurate! However, I have a machine that is over 98% accurate and I am offering, for a very limited time, a FREE reading! I will explain everything you need to know when you come from that moment on, you will get the most out of every single workout!

I have over 20 years experience in the Fitness & Nutrition Science field and I am a certified Sports Nutritionist, Meal Planner, Diet Designer and more. I love to help people get to the next level of their fitness goals. The positive effect this WILL HAVE on your life Physically & Mentally is my GUARANTEE to you!

It takes 15 minutes, so an appointment is all I ask you set...Call (951) 364-4323 or Book online Here!

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