Flea Free Treats--for dogs and cats!

I am a stay at home mom who loves her family....and her Pets! So when our dog, Luna, started having several skin issues it was very concerning. We went to the vet and were told that she has allergies to Fleas, external allergies (in the yard) and/or food allergies. We tried different strategies for months and nothing seemed to completely subside her issues, she had multiple skin infections and taken several anti-biotics, different allergy medications, that I found out just curb the itching, and didn't treat the allergies at all, and several different flea meds....very expensive flea meds that made her sick! Her coat was dull, she was still itching like crazy and we could tell she was so uncomfortable.

I had to do something! My husband is a scientific researcher that has found and formulated several successful healing therapies for people, so he helped me do some research to help Luna. I came up with Flea Free treats that Luna, and our cat Snowflake, love! The Flea Free Treats are a great flea deterrent, but have so many health benefits. They are loaded with B Vitamins, great for skin and coat, a fantastic immune booster, help with yeast overgrowth and smelly coats and are loaded with Lauric Acid (found in Mother's Milk) to prevent bacteria and viral infections.

I didn't set out to start a mini-business making Flea Free Treats for dogs and cats, I just set out to solve Luna's skin issues...but these treats have been so successful in keeping her Flea Free, smelling great, with a shiny coat, and has stopped itching all the time....that I decided I could help others with the same problems. So if you have a dog or cat with flea problems, dull coat, skin problems or just want a very healthy treat that your dog will love, these treats are for you!

Each dog is different, and these treats are dosed by weight:

1 Bone shaped treat for every 10 lbs of dog per day

1 Paw shaped treat for every 20 lbs of dog per day

50 Bone Treats for $24

50 Paw Treats for $40


Sample packs are available to make sure your dog loves them as much a Luna:

12 Bone treats for $8

12 Paw treats for $11

If you are looking for Natural and tasty solutions for your pets, TEXT or call (951)364-4324! Local delivery is free!

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