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Healthy Foods


Proteins (P)

Flank Steak           Top Sirloin (trimmed)            Breast of Chicken          Protein Shake

93/7 Ground Beef  (Drained and Rinsed)          Ground Turkey Breast            Protein Bar Eggs  (Preferably whites)                  Whole Beans                    Fat Free Refried Beans


Complex Carbs (CC)

Multi Grain Bread         Whole Wheat (WW) Toast           Brown Rice           WW Pasta

Black Bean Pasta           Brown Rice Pasta                         Brown Rice quinoa Pasta

Green Lentil quinoa Pasta       Purple Pasta

Zero Category (Z)

Salad (Leafy Greens)     Asparagus              Broccoli                  Cauliflower           Green Beans

Garlic                             Onion                      Celery                    Cucumber             Carrot (1/2c)

Green Onion                 Bell Peppers           Any Peppers         Sun Dried Tomatoes


Simple Carbs (Quick Energy)(SC)

Fruits           Dried Fruits (no sugar added)


Fats (F)

Olive Oil                Olive Oil Blends             Red Palm Oil        Coconut Oil

Seeds (Sunflower, Pine Nuts)                       Avocado


Snacks (S)


Protein Bars          Peanut Butter & Apples / Whole Wheat Toast / Celery

Roasted Almonds / Nuts        Hummus    



Proteins (P):

A group of chains made of Amino Acids. Protein is used to build, tighten and tone muscle tissue & repair the body but is NOT used to store fat. Protein takes longer to break down and digest than other nutrients, leaving you feeling full and keeping your metabolism going longer.


Complex Carbs (CC):

Like all carbohydrates, complex carbs are turned into glucose (blood sugar) in the body and used as energy.  At the end of the day if you haven’t used all your glucose, it stores as fat.  However, Complex Carbs digest at a slower rate and are more dense than simple carbs. 


Simple Carbs (Quick Energy)(SC):
Simple carbs are smaller per gram, less filling and fast digesting.  Simple carbs are quick energy for the body. Again, if there is any glucose left in the body at the end of the day, your body will store it as energy. 


Zero Category (Z):

Zero Category are foods that are either so low in calories, or so high in fiber that by the time the body is done digesting them, there is nothing left to be stored or used as energy.  They are usually dense and filling. They are consumed for regularity and to get macro nutrients (vitamins and minerals).


Fats (F):

Healthy fats are used for all kinds of things for the body.  Fats contain nutrients that provide energy and other substances to the body.


Snacks (S):

Small portions of food that are used to keep the metabolism going but aren’t too high in calorie to be considered a full meal.  They are usually used in between meals.

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